PCB Waste Treatment Program

JESCO's mission is to construct and operate five regional facilities to treat PCB wastes nationwide. Projects are conducted under national laws and guidelines, and government subsidies are granted for the establishment of the facilities. PCB waste holders are to commission JESCO to treat their PCB wastes. Part of the fees for the treatment of high-voltage transformers and capacitors held by small and medium-sized enterprises will be subsidized by the PCB Waste Treatment Fund.

About PCBs

Since the manufacturing, importing and new use of PCBs came prohibited by the law, PCB wastes have been stored by the holders for over 30 years.

Government Scheme To Promote PCB Waste Treatment

The government enacted the"Law concerning Special Measures for Promotion of Proper Treatment of PCB Wastes" in June 2001, and assigned former JEC to conduct PCB Waste Treatment Programs. JESCO succeeded former JEC's role in April 2004.

JESCO's Five Regional PCB Waste Treatment Facilities

JESCO's five regional PCB waste treatment facilities at Kitakyushu, Toyota, Tokyo Facility, Osaka and Hokkaido are completed and in operation. Each facility is to treat PCB wastes of the region assigned by the government.

Procedures for Commissioning Treatment

Listed here are items acceptable at JESCO's facilities and general flow for applying for treatment.
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