Interim Storage

In December 2014, governing laws for JESCO were amended, and JESCO has been newly assigned to carry out interim storage related activities. The government will entrust JESCO to take a role in building and managing interim storage facilities, aimed to safely and intensively store radiation-contaminated soils and others in the Fukushima Prefecture.

To contribute to the revitalization of Fukushima Prefecture, JESCO will carry out interim storage related activities within Fukushima Prefecture, on consignment from the government, Fukushima Prefecture, municipalities within Fukushima Prefecture, and others specified by Ministry order.

Government's Responsibility
- The government will build interim storage facilities, and secure their safety.
- The government will take necessary measures to gain understanding and cooperation from residents living in the vicinity of the interim storage facilities, and other stakeholders.
- The government will take necessary measures to complete final disposal outside of the Fukushima Prefecture within 30 years from the start of transfer to the interim storage facilities.

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