PCB issue in Japan
Government Scheme

PCB Waste Treatment & Interim Storage

Japan Environmental Storage & Safety Corporation (JESCO) is a special company wholly owned by the government. JESCO was established on April 1 2004, starting as "Japan Environmental Safety Corporation (JESCO)", succeeding mainly the PCB waste treatment project of former Japan Environment Corporation (JEC). On December 24, 2014, the government assigned JESCO to carry out Interim storage-related activities , and changed the company name to "Japan Environmental Storage & Safety Corporation". (The abbreviation "JESCO" has not changed.)

The following programs formerly conducted by JEC were succeeded to other organizations:
The fund was succeeded to ERCA. (April 2004)
The fund was succeeded to ERCA. (April 2004)
The program was succeeded to ERCA. (April 2004)
JEC's loan progam was succeeded to the Development Bank of Japan. (October 1999)
Environmental Equipment Rental Program
The program was succeeded to Japan Environmental Safety Corporation in April 2004, and abolished in March 2009.