Toyota PCB Waste Treatment Facility

Toyota Facility is the second regional PCB waste treatment facility in Japan, thanks to the acceptance of the facility by Toyota City. JESCO started construction in April 2004, and after a test run conducted from May to August 2005, full operations started September, 2005.

Outline of Facility

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  • Location:
    3-1-1 Hosaya-cho, Toyota City, Aichi 471-0853
  • Lot area: 9,773.73 m2

  • Accepted Wastes
  • Type of waste Wastes stored at Wastes accepted outside assigned region
    Transformers and capacitors C Region Some of the PP capacitors stored in B Region
    Ballasts and others C Region (only some of the small electrical equipments) --
    Note) Each region consist of the following prefectures
    B Region:Shiga, Kyoto, Osaka, Hyogo, Nara and Wakayama Prefecture
    C Region:Gifu, Shizuoka, Aichi, and Mie Prefecture

  • PCB treatment capacity: 1.6t/day (PCB decomposition volume)
  • Treatment Method:
    • * Pre-treatment of containers and components: Solvent Cleansing Method and Vacuum Heating Separationt Method
      * PCB decomposition: Dechlorination Method
  • Overview of Building
    7-story steel framed building, Height: 30.95 m, Total floor area: 20,710.77 m2

  • Treatment Flow

    PCB wastes are inspected at acceptance, and after extraction of PCB oil, parts are roughly disassembled. After primary cleansing, materials are separated to impregnated materials and non-impregnated materials, and are sent to secondary cleansing. The cleansing solvents for non-impregnated materials are tested if PCBs are eliminated, and if below standards, they are shipped to be recycled and if not, they are cleansed again. Dissolution tests are conducted to impregnated materials, and if below standards, they are shipped, and if not, they are treated in the Vacuum heat furnace.
    Treatment Flow Diagram
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    Safety Measures of Toyota Facility

    Information Disclosure of Operation Status

    JESCO makes effort to actively disclose information from planning of facilities to operation status.
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